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Post  Guest on Sat Aug 14, 2010 2:00 pm


this is the work u showed to come before and challenge me all people who battle me must have all 12 badges if u dont your challnge will be rejected i will pm u a time when it is good for a challnge post here for the battle

banned poekmon r regice and ubers no pokemon can have ice shared because my team cant take one

all people who lost can have a remacth every week

yes also if u haxs me to death a rematch will be issued and that will not count another thing if u have ice shared on any pokemon u take it off before we battle or u r disqualifed
all people who challenge must read the rules before they battle me or they automaticly lose

[/right][center]yes all gym leader can challenge but u cant not over though me thxs for taking time to read this[center]


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