Ninja's Poison Elite 4

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Ninja's Poison Elite 4

Post  Guest on Sun Aug 15, 2010 2:48 pm

Welcome Challengers!

If you are here it means you are daring enough to challeng me, the Ninja of ninjas. If you beat me, you go on to battle the champion. I specialize in poison types. Challenge if you dare...

- no counter teams (this means no using more than three fighting or bug types and no you can't have 3 bug and 3 fighting on a single team)
- After challenging this gym if you lose you may only challenge it again after 72 hours
- No ubers are allowed if you use them it is an instant lose and you have to wait another 72 hours as I said before
- (personal rule) I will only accept gym challenges before 12 am (central) no later because I wont be able to think

Winning Challengers:

Losing Challengers:

OMG Draws!:

Good luck to the brave souls that dare challenge me!!!!!!


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