Tourney rules & such

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Tourney rules & such

Post  Guest on Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:09 am

Tourney rules:
Players must post in thread to officially be in the tourney, unless an admin says not to.
You must PM the host whenever he/she is on Shoddy to join.
Keep talking to a minimum to the finals.
Do not use invalid commands.
Do not wall jokes.

Server rules:
(see the welcome page of the server)
No cursing
No wall abuse
No kick abuse
No power abuse
No abuse
No trolling
No offensive jokes
No vulgar, or sexual jokes/comments
Do not spam

Walling rules:
Do not wall abuse.
Do not wall curse words.
Do not wall welcomes.
You may wall congratulations.
Do not use the word "sex" in a wall. Unless it's talking about gender.
Do not wall the word "Penis" or "Vagina".

Kick rules:
Do not kick admins, or mods.
Do not kick Volkner or Cake or HardyHoundoom or Ninja.
IP check before kicking or banning.
Do not kick if someone joined and didn't spam or say anything vulgar.


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