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Post  King Ninja on Sun Sep 05, 2010 3:05 pm

Here is what you need to learn before you do something to get yourself banned from the forums:

No spamming-
Spamming is when you post something that has nothing to do with the topic. It will result in a 2 week ban, unless posted in the spam section.

No sexual obuse-
Don't make me explain this. Penalty will result in a 999 year ban.
But sex jokes are okay.

Nothing illegal-
Such as drugs, pirating sh*t, ect. Pretend I am a cop and not a ninja.
I could be both, you know.

Admins/Mods are always right, even when they're wrong-
I can't control everyone you know, but they can control how long to ban you.

1 Username Limit!
This cannot be stressed enough. It is annoying and cheating. Penalty will result in a 5 day ban on 1 account, a 999 year ban on the other account(s) being useds.

No Porn Links-
I guess this would count as sexual abuse.

No Double Posting
This means don't post back-to-back. You may edit your post to add any extra information.

Stay Ninja ppl!


Stay Ninja everyone! =D

King Ninja

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